Caracas Chronicles LLC is a U.S. based company which owns and operates caracaschronicles.com, the leading website of news and analysis about Venezuela in English (since 2002). Through its consulting arm, Caracas Chronicles LLC offers insight to international firms that aim to understand the complexities of the Venezuelan market. These services include the Political Risk Report, which provides weekly updates on the state of play of the Venezuelan power struggle, and tailor-made solutions to international stakeholders looking for specific answers on their most relevant questions on the complexities of Venezuela.

After years of experience providing solutions to an extended variety of clients, the team has established significant relations with the leaders of both the private and public sector of key Venezuelan industries. Our team is composed of professional journalists and consultants with a diverse background of expertise including law and economics.

The client base of Caracas Consulting has significantly grown over the last few years, and currently includes international media companies, global consulting agencies, oil and gas companies, hedge funds and investment firms, NGOs, development institutions, banks, and firms with interests in the Venezuelan market.