Political Risk Report

The Political Risk Report is a weekly, in-depth, forward-looking assessment of the state of political conflict in Venezuela. The inside pages are a deep dive into the week’s strategically relevant events, thinking through the incentive structures, personalities and tactical choices each side faces. The report is the tool you need to keep up to date on Venezuela’s latest sociopolitical developments.

The production of the report includes researchers in Caracas working with information gathered through an extensive network of contacts both inside the government and the opposition.

The Political Risk Report is primarily made for decision makers with a stake in Venezuela. If your professional life demands that you have a clear vision of the state of play in Venezuela’s crisis, the PRR is for you. It is published every Friday. As we use a state-of-the-art encrypted payment platform, your data is safe.

If you have any further questions or wish to adjust your current subscription, contact us at contact@caracaschronicles.com


Through our analysis and consulting branch, we offer insight to international firms looking to understand the complexities of the Venezuelan market. Apart from the Political Risk Report, our team provides tailored-made consulting solutions to international stakeholders looking for specific answers on their most relevant questions on the complexities of Venezuela.

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